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The "Heart" of CUORE International

CUORE International, Inc. operates under a defined set of core values, its “heart”, which define the company we
are, and aspire to become.

Excellence - CUORE International is committed to superior quality and customer experience, having a
passion for excellence in everything we do, leading in the global echocardiography communities we serve,
and being known as a great company to do business with.

Honesty - CUORE International believes in being direct in all we do. We are committed to behaving
ethically; responding to customer needs in a timely and reasonable manner; fostering open communications
and building effective relationships with customers, partners, contractors and each other; and operating
without inefficient hierarchy and bureaucracy.

Integrity - CUORE International's success is built on a foundation of personal and professional integrity. We
hold ourselves to standards of ethical behavior that go well beyond legal minimums. We never compromise
these standards and we will never ask any member of the CUORE International team to do so either. We
owe this to our customers, contractors, shareholders and other stakeholders.

Responsibility - CUORE International believes in participating responsibly in the global market. We are
committed to understanding and respecting the laws, values and cultures of wherever we do business;
profitably growing in all markets; and promoting a healthy business environment.

Teamwork - CUORE International believes our continued success lies in teamwork and the opportunity
each team member has to learn, develop and grow. As a company we are committed to advancement
based on individual ability or achievement, and to develop, retain and attract the best people for the
benefit of our customers and healthy company growth.

Trust - CUORE's success is based on forming and maintaining direct relationships built on trust. We believe
in creating loyalty with our customers by providing the best services based on higher standards of
competence and business practices, and outperforming any competition with a superior customer
experience and value.

As we grow our business globally, we are committed to putting these values into action.
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