Cardiovascular ultrasound is the most commonly used noninvasive diagnostic imaging method for real time
assessment of heart structure, function, and hemodynamics. Because of its availability, diagnostic advantages,
and relatively low cost,  echocardiography is rapidly becoming the imaging technique of choice in clinical research.
Cardiovascular ultrasound can be readily incorporated into a clinical trial as a marker of cardiac safety and as a
measurement of the therapeutic effects of drugs and devices being evaluated for regulatory approval.

Nonetheless, the quality of data collected can make the difference between the success and failure of a clinical
research trial. When designing and implementing a clinical trial or cardiac safety study, special consideration must
be taken to coordinate and standardize the ultrasound imaging protocol and provide adequate site training to
ensure high image quality and minimize data variability.

Built on a strong foundation of collective knowledge and experience in cardiovascular research and development,
CUORE International offers expert consulting and  services to our clinical research partners specifically designed to
directly support their investigative efforts and continuous quality improvement (CQI) initiatives. Whether you are
an investigator, sponsor, CRO, or clinical site involved in the development of a new pharmacological agent or
medical device, CUORE International can help you confidently achieve your goals by offering customizable solutions
to meet your needs and expectations.

Some of our offerings designed to support cardiovascular ultrasound trials include:

CUORE International also provides ancillary support and
data services to strengthen cardiovascular clinical trials

  • Clinical and cardiac safety trial protocol design
  • Guidance on regulatory standards and practices
  • Statistical design, analyses, review, and reporting
  • Technical and scientific writing
  • Design and implementation of standard operating procedures
  • Development of quality assurance programs

Additional specialized services are available upon request. To learn more about how CUORE International can  
help you reach your research goals, please
contact us.
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